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Reaching Great Heights

Response to COVID-19 :
From Monday 23rd March, to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, The Greetland Academy is only opening for the care of identified vulnerable children and those of 'key workers'. The government has asked all parents to keep their children at home wherever possible, and schools are remaining open only for these specified children if they absolutely need to attend. Further detail and clarification is available here.
Parents have been informed about their eligibility and arrangements for key worker childcare via our online learning platform Seesaw and/or text message. Any updates to the present situation will be made directly to parents through these channels.
Our teaching staff will maintain contact and set activities for pupils in their classes who are staying at home through Seesaw.
Thank you to everyone associated with our school for your support during these challenging times; we will get through the current situation by remaining positive and working together.
Mrs Crowther

25/03/20 - Coronavirus Privacy Notice

02/04/20 Covid 19 - Safeguarding & Child Protection Arrangements

Welcome . . .

I am very proud to be the Principal of such a fantastic school community in which everyone learns together in harmony.

We believe that children deserve the best possible chances in life and that they learn best when there are strong links between home and school.

Mrs Crowther

We are a friendly, caring school with high expectations for all our pupils. Our children are encouraged to explore, discover and question through a range of exciting learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom. The staff endeavour to provide a calm and stimulating environment where good behaviour and mutual respect is modelled by everyone and where everyone is valued.

The curriculum at Greetland is rich and inspiring and we offer a broad range of experiences and opportunities. In order to engage and enthuse our pupils, purposeful links are made across all areas of the curriculum. Pupil wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do: we aim to educate the whole child in order to enable them to be the best that they can be.

Whilst it is my priority that the education your child receives here with us will enable them to achieve their academic potential and progress confidently into the next phase of their education, it is also part of my vision that all our children are filled with positive experiences, that they are aware of the endless possibilities that await them and that they are nurtured in order to develop within them a confidence to embrace whatever comes their way.  Underpinning the above, is my relentless commitment to ensuring that the children of Greetland Academy possess the values that enable them  to live well in society and are prepared to deal effectively with the challenges that the modern world presents.

All of my staff share this vision and recognise children as unique individuals with specific talents and needs.  They work tirelessly to provide a varied and engaging curriculum and a positive school experience. You will find our classrooms to be hives of activity and full of creativity and learning, making Greetland a special place indeed for children.

If you would like to know more about our school, you are very welcome to come and visit.  The children of Greetland very much enjoy talking about and sharing their achievements and our successes.

If you are experiencing any kind of bullying
or something else is worrying you
please speak to an adult you trust. You can also talk to Childline or CEOP at any time.

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& numbers to call


Our Vision Statement
"The Greetland Academy strives to always provide an inspirational, positive and welcoming environment where there is a sense of pride and fun and where everyone works together with confidence, enthusiasm and mutual respect.
We aim to nurture academic, personal, spiritual and social development in a caring and professional manner so that
all achieve their full potential
and all can reach great heights."


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to help everyone to work together effectively.

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