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Termly Reports

To ensure a continuous written report is available at regular times during the year, formal reports are written for your child by their teachers three times a year - at the end of each term (autumn, spring & summer).

Each report has a different focus. Each termly report includes a ‘Pen Portrait’ which provides details about social and emotional development as the year progresses and the final summer term report informs parents of end of year assessment results and attendance. Three times a year, the reports provide an opportunity for your parent comments and pupil voice comments. These are collected in school, tracked and monitored by senior staff and any concerns expressed by you are fed into our monitoring processes.

Helpful Hints - how to get the most from the termly reports:

  • Read the report carefully and note your child's strengths / areas of concern and work on any suggestions given.
  • Give plenty of praise when your child has done well. We try to give you specific examples to help you in this area including information from your child.
  • Don’t panic if the progress secure rating is 1. Children develop at different times and rates; it is often an indicator that a child requires additional encouragement. Your child’s teacher will be aware of their needs and will be working to support them in collaboration with parents.
  • If school has a worry about your child we will have already contacted you with details of how we will be supporting future progress.
  • In the summer term report, national curriculum teacher assessment will be reported to you as an indication of current attainment, along with an attendance record. Additional clarification on assessment without levels and age related expectations are available on our web site (please see the ‘Curriculum’ tab).

Letters to parents:

Autumn Term 2016/17: EYFS / KS1 & KS2

Spring Term 2016/17: EYFS / KS1 & KS2

Summer Term 2016/17: EYFS / KS1 & KS2

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