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Reaching Great Heights

Duck Race - 16/05/2014

Despite a very muddy field by the stream our 2014 annual duck race turned out to be one of the most pleasant and successful ever.

For the first time we had the food and refreshement stalls at the back of the Key Stage 1 site and walked down to the stream when it was time for the races. The stream was in high flow and it may have been wise to have had more helpers at the end of the race to catch the ducks! Mrs Iredale and Mr Dixon valiantly caught all the ducks they could but many did make a break for freedom towards West Vale. Friends of the Academy are still bringing ducks back to school nearly two weeks after the races!


Parents, children and helpers relax
towards the end of the event.
After selling 300 burgers and sausage sandwiches
the stall tables are bare!

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