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Reaching Great Heights

Parental Engagement

At The Greetland Academy, we employ strategies that have proved highly successful in engaging with our parents for the benefit of our pupils by promoting an open door policy for communication with teachers, and having systems and policies in place that allow parents access to any questions that they may have about their child’s education.

Every half term, there is an opportunity to meet with class teachers; formally during a Parent’s Consultation evening and informally during our celebratory ‘Open Afternoons’. These provide opportunities for dialogue between parents and teachers around the achievement and attainment of their child, and how to ensure progress in their learning takes place. The Academy staff also produce termly reports that provide information on pupil’s learning and development, in which we request parent’s feedback so that we can share in the successes of the child or address any concerns.

The parents of pupils with identified additional needs are invited into school to meet with their child’s class teacher and if required, a member of the Inclusion team. In these meetings pupil progress, strategies used at both home and school to meet a pupil’s needs and any concerns are shared.  The Assistant SENCo provides an extra point of contact and support for parents who find it difficult to engage with school. She meets regularly with a number of parents to talk through any worries or concerns they have. The Inclusion team is available to the parents of all children on the telephone or in person to discuss any concerns. The Inclusion Team also offers extra support and guidance for parents who are going through assessment, referral and transition. This takes the form of both social and emotional support; signposting to services and meeting when required to discuss issues and logistical support in organising meetings and supporting external agency involvement within school.

The Greetland Academy has an In-House Parent Support Worker whose role is to offer support to parents, carers and children in any capacity of their school life. She provides information, support, advice and assistance with a range of issues including attendance, friendships, behaviour, bullying, illness and bereavement, as well as liaising with outside agencies that supplement this support.

All of the staff at The Greetland Academy work in partnership with our parents to ensure all children have a happy, safe and rewarding experience when they come to school.

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