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School Meals - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • My child has allergies/food intolerances. Can you cater for these?

    We will accomodate allergies and food intolerances wherever possible.  Please contact the school office and arrange to speak to the Catering Manager who will discuss your requirements and personalise a menu for your child.

  • How big are the portion sizes?

    Portion sizes are controlled and conform to the School Foods Standards. Children receive 60-65g of protein per serving, potatoes are around 100g and all vegetables and salad can be taken without limits on quantity with the addition of wholemeal bread which is served fresh every day.

    Please see the Gallery on the School Meals home page for some photographs of example meals.

  • My child doesn't like sauces, are they able to order a meal without sauce?

    We will avoid ‘hidden’ sauces. Where an option contains tomato sauce for example, this will be listed under the ingredients of the meal choice or will be an additional item that the pupil can select on the day. Gravy and Parsley Sauce are always additional items that can be selected on the day.

  • There appears to be a lot of bread options, why is this?

    There is a mixed opinion on bread options. On the new menu Panini’s are only offered once a week. The School Council reported that they like the sandwich baguettes and would like to provide input into future sandwich fillings.

    The bread/sandwich type option is also to provide flexibility for parents to select where they would normally provide a packed lunch.

  • How can I pay for school meals?

    The cost of a school meal is £2.20 per meal for KS2 pupils. Payment is required in advance and can be made on-line by visiting ParentPay.  Please note the minimum payment set by ParentPay is £10.  Alternatively please make a payment at the school office.

    School meals for KS1 are fully funded by the government. 

  • Do you offer a vegetarian option?

    There is at least one vegetarian option available daily.  These are identified on the menu with a (v) suffix. 

    All desserts are suitable for vegetarians.

  • I'm concerned about the level of sugar in the desserts.

    We aim to reduce the sugar levels in all our desserts by 25% and replace with fruit where possible.

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